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Master Shawn Liu (Shi Deru)

Known as the Iron Leg, Master Shawn Liu (Shaolin Temple name: Shi Deru), started training in Shaolin, traditional medicine and Qigong (Meditative breathing exercise) in Shaolin Temple, China when he was a very young child.  He is the 31st generation descendant, Grand Master of the Shaolin Temple, and close disciple of the Shaolin Temple Spiritual Abbot, Great Master Upper Su Lower Xi (Su Xi), the last and only Shaolin Warrior Monk Legend of the 20th century, Great Grand Master of the generation at the Shaolin Temple. Later he studied Tai Chi and many other internal healing arts.

Master Shi Deyang

Known as the master of Shaolin traditional Kungfu forms, Master Shi Deyang started at the Shaolin Temple when he was 16 years old.  He is the 31st generation descendant, Grand Master, and close disciple of the Shaolin Temple Spiritual Abbot, Great Master Upper Su Lower Xi (Su Xi), the last and only Shaolin Warrior Monk Legend of the 20th century. (Shi Deyang is considered as the master of all masters today at the Shaolin Temple).  He is the most well known Shaolin Grand Mater of the Shaolin Temple in the world today.   He is the head Master of the world famed Shaolin Warrior Team at the Shaolin Temple.  He is the most respected Shaolin Master at the Shaolin Temple and in China. He is the chief judge for the most famous martial arts TV show: “Who is hero” which has a world-wide audience of over 300-million. He is the honorable head master for the Hungarian police bureau.

DeForest Dennis

13 years of age, he started with Master Liu at the Liu Institute International two years ago. “I am happy to be one of the people chosen to participate the Shaolin Legacy Show” Journey to the East”.  I am really enjoying practicing for the show.  It is a very good experience. I am very dedicated to the show I practice everyday.  I have meet more friends since I have been practice with Shaolin Legacy Show”.

Deforest went to Orlando for International Chinese Martial Arts Championship this summer, and he won a gold medal in Shaolin traditional Staff. He plays a major youth role in the show.

Andy Ngo, a Shaolin Warrior Fighter

Andy has been training at the Liu Institute International for over 5 years. He is one of the most versatile students in America.  He has been selected as a Shaolin Warrior Team Member for many years and has proven to himself to be one of the most disciplined and committed students in the southeastern United States. He has demonstrated at & competed in many international competitions.  He has won many gold medals in both forms and Sanshou kickboxing in both the youth division & adult division at international competitions.  He has given many performances around the US.  

Andy Ngo plays a lost and undisciplined youth who rediscovers himself through Shaolin, the ancient art of Kungfu in “Journey to the East”- a true personal journey of mental and spiritual enlightenment.

Leon Ngo, a Shaolin Warrior Fighter

Leon Ngo has been training in Kungfu at the Liu Institute for over 5 years.  He is one of the most committed and devoted martial arts students in America. He has been selected as one the best performers in school.  He performed for the national Cable Conference in New Orleans. He has also performed in Masters demonstration at international championships and has won gold and silver in national and international youth amateur competitions.  He is one of the best and most energetic Sanshou Kickboxing youth stars in the southeastern US. He certainly is one of the best martial artist and Chinese kick-boxing youths in the US.

Leon Ngo plays a  New Orleans gangster role who eventually returned to becoming a well functioned and disciplined teen for betterment of the society. 
Wu Ming An

Born in Shan Dong, Wu entered Shaolin Temple in Song Shan when he was ten year old. He played as an actor in Legend of Kungfu in July 2005. He specialized in Broadsword, Staff, Long Fist, Tiger, Southern Fist etc.

Patrick Barry, a Shaolin Warrior Fighter

Born and raised in East New Orleans. Patrick has been training at the Liu Institute New Orleans for over 4 years.  He is one of the most accomplished students at the Liu Institute and certainly one of the most accomplished students in America.  He went to China with Grand Master Liu 3 times.  He has competed in China and Japan as well as in Europe for numerous times.  He has won the K. Superstar World Champion title two times and received silver medal at the World Wushu Championship in Sanshou Kickboxing.  He competed in K-1 in both the USA and Japan. He has one win, one loss and one draw.  He is believed to be one of the most dynamic fighters in America with an unbelievably great personality.

Dararith Kuy

Dararith Kuy has been with the Liu Institute for four years. He is an assistant instructor for Sanshou Kickboxing.  He has competed at US Open Fighting Championships and International Martial Arts Championships for 4 years. He won two gold medals and two silver medals.  He has two children.  He plays a gangster role in the Show

Zhou ChuanWang (Xingwang)

(32nd generation of Shaolin Disciple)

Graduated from Beijing Physical Education and Sports University majoring in Wushu

China National Level Rank One Instructor 

National Rank Wushu Judge

Master Zhou has participated many times in movie productions and filming.

Wolf Melzer

Wolf Melzer was born in 1960 in Berlin, Germany. As a teenager he practised Judo for several years. In 1994 he started doing Tai Ji and studied several different styles with different teachers over the next 10 years. In January 2004 he moved to Mobile, AL and joined the Liu Institute International to study Tai Ji. Currently he functions as chief assistant instructor for Tai Ji at the Liu Institute. Asked what he thinks about the show, he said: „I really look forward to participate in this show!“

Nadja Melzer

Nadja Melzer born in 1968 in Essen, Germany started practicing martial arts at the age of 21. After 10 years she took a break to have three kids. In spring 2004 she moved to Mobile and enrolled at the Liu Institute. She has won US Open Fighng Challenge in girls Sanshou Kikcboxing division earlier thsi year.  She is an assistant instructor and does varios jobs at the school between teaching, cleaning, painting etc. Now she trains 6 days a week to get ready for the show.

Henry Henderson III

My name is Henry Henderson III and I’m 16 years old. I was born in Mobile, Al. I started kung fu about two years ago. I stopped for a while because of personal reasons and I’ve started over again just this year. It’s been really hard adjusting to such a diverse fighting style, but it’s worth it in the end. I’ve been doing gymnastics for about five years. I didn’t take it serious until I reached high school. The Shaolin Legacy Show is a real challenge to train for. I’m doing frog in the show, and all the jumps and tumbling cause for extreme energy and stamina. This type of event dosent happen regularly, thats why I am honored to have been chosen to perform in this show.