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Master Shawn Liu (Shi Deru)

Known as the Iron Leg, Master Shawn Liu (Shaolin Temple name: Shi Deru), started training in Shaolin, traditional medicine and Qigong (Meditative breathing exercise) in Shaolin Temple, China when he was a very young child.  He is the 31st generation descendant, Grand Master of the Shaolin Temple, and close disciple of the Shaolin Temple Spiritual Abbot, Great Master Upper Su Lower Xi (Su Xi), the last and only Shaolin Warrior Monk Legend of the 20th century, Great Grand Master of the generation at the Shaolin Temple. Later he studied Tai Chi and many other internal healing arts.
He is one of the few undefeated professionals out of China and has coached martial arts teams in both China and the U.S. - producing many outstanding martial artists and Sanshou-Kungfu Kickboxing Fighting national and world Champions.
He was the head coach for the USA National Armature Sanshou-Kungfu Kickboxing Fighting Team and he led the US team to four world championships. He is the current the president and head coach for USA Sanshou-Kungfu Federation for international professional Kungfu Kickboxing championships.
He has conducted seminars on topics of martial arts against violence, for health and wellness, and on Qi for self-healing and stress reduction in hospitals, companies and special police forces all over China, Japan, Europe and the US.  He has produced, promoted and directed over 20 US Open International Martial Arts Championships and K. Superstar-Art of War productions and Shaolin Legacy shows since 1994.

He served as the chairman of the Pan American Sanshou-Kungfu Kickboxing technical committee for 10 years.  He is an OMD and Exercise Physiologis. 

· His life was featured into documentaries by CCTV network in China.
· Featured on the Cover of Martial Arts Professional Magazine 2006
· Featured in “ Journey to the East produced by CCTV
· Featured in Documentary  Shawn Liu “Liu Xiangyang” (broadcasted over all Asian countries
· Numerous appearances on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC    local affiliates in both Mobile and New Orleans
· Featured in “ Empty Mind” documentary by American Thin  Media
· Producer and promoter for the Art of War productions and Shaolin Legacy Shows and Chinese Arts and Culture Festivals (2001-2004)
· Featured in a series of documentaries: Shawn Liu, God Father of Kungfu Sanshou in America" (CCTV 300 million views) from 1999-2003
· Featured numerous times in Inside Kungfu Magazine (1995-2004)
· Featured articles in Taiji International Magazine (1992 and 2002)
· Featured Articles in Kungfu - Wushu Magazine (more than 10 issues)
· Featured in over 20 newspapers in China & the US.
· Chief Referee for all of the United States National and International Sanshou Kungfu competitions since Sanshou started in the United States (1993 - 2003)
·  Produced and Hosted IX major U.S. Open International Martial Arts Championships and many US regional scale Open tournaments since 1994
· Conducted seminars on “Chinese Qigong for Immune System Empowerment” “Breathing for Stress Release” and 5-Minute Tension Release and Energy Empowerment”  as well as “Martial Arts for health and wellness” in 50 cities in three continents.

·  University of South Alabama MS in Exercise Physiology, 1991
·  University of Mobile BA in English and Minor in Biology and Psychology, 1988
·  Anhui Normal University, BA in Foreign Language, 1984
·  Anhui Traditional Chinese School of Medicine, OMD 1978