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"A Shaolin Training Day" at 6:15 pm on December 4th

Shaolin Legacy Kung Fu Artistry Stage Show

LIU International Shaolin Institute Débuts “A Shaolin Training Day

A dynamic showcase of Shaolin Kung Fu, with a 50 member cast of award winning explosive talent from around the world will light the theater stage in the debut of  “A Shaolin Training Class” The show is the result of Norcross based Shaolin Institute’s educational cooperative efforts between China and the US. The performance brings together an unprecedented gathering of both Atlanta local talent and the Institute’s Martial Arts Cultural Ambassadors that include China Sports Commission’s Top Young Kungfu Masters, members of Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk Performing Team, and Beijing’s number performer in freestyle Martial Arts.

“A Shaolin Training Class” was designed and written by one of the world’s legendary figures in Kung Fu, Grand Master of the Shaolin Temple, Shi Deru. The story, the characters and the indomitable spirit expressed in the performance is unforgettable. It will give the audience genuine insight into Ancient Shaolin Way of Training and the daily lives of those who chose to study the arts that bring greater mental and physical discipline and their incredible mind-body control.  The show draws the audience deeply into this wonderful story of cultural and personal enlightenment that gives way to the core messages in the story about ethics, integrity, character, self-discipline, self-control, compassion and respect for the world and the universe.

“Life represents the Qi of the universe,” says Grand Master Shi Deru, “let us be free to flow our Qi to find the best of ourselves in nature so that we may influence our community towards health and wellness and heal our humanity”.

“A Shaolin Training Class” will be presented in a single performance on December 4 at 6:15 P.M. center stage at Archer High School Theater, 2255 New Hope Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30045. Only segments of the show have been presented in a few cities in the southeast of the US including Washington D.C. where a thousand Martial Arts instructors from all over the world gave a standing ovation to the performance.

About LIU International Shi Deru Shaolin Institute
LIU International Shaolin Institute is committed to promoting genuine Shaolin Martial Arts passed down generationally for more than 1,500 years. Shaolin Kung Fu is taught with age-appropriate curriculum, business integrity and professional ethics. Our instructors are committed to life-long learning at the direction of Grand Master Shi Deru. We have 5 locations in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.

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