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Chinese New Year 2010 Shaolin Legacy Show


World Famed Shaolin Temple Grand Master Shi DeRu (Grand Master Shawn Liu) and his United States top masters and students, An Qianling, Shi Zhong Qin, Andy Ngo, Leon Ngo, George Lunsford…, presented some of the best cultural exhibitions, Shaolin Legacy Shows to thousands of audience in the Southeast of the US during the Chinese New Year period in 2010.

Shaolin Legacy with Kungfu, Qigong and Tai Chi Performances were presented to over 5000 students and community leaders as part of the US-China Multicultural and Multiracial Education Exchange program in many of the cities throughout the Southeast of the US during the Chinese New Year period.  The institute members were so happy that all of the shows were well applauded by the communities.  Some of the best received performance awards were awarded to An Qianling, Shi Zhongqin, Leon Ngo, Andy Ngo, Alec Demarco and George Lunsford...

The institute members started free performances for NorthviewHigh school, Atlanta, GA; LevelCreekElementary School, Atlanta; Jeremia Denton Middle School Mobile, Alabama to promote cultural education and character training.  They then were invited to perform professionally for the Mardi Gras King’s Party at the Imperial Palace Resort.  They brought great excitement of Chinese performing arts to the southern Mardi Gras. They did more performances for the local Asian communities such as Zhejian Hometowner Chinese Association; Shandong Hometowner Chinese Association, and Korean Chinese Association, in Atlanta. They again donated a few more performances to the International School of New Orleans; Tulane University LBC, in New OrleansLA; Chinese Presbyterian Church in Kenner, LA and the Chinese American Association in New Orleans, LA.

The LIU International Shaolin Institute under the tutelage of the Grand Master Shawn Liu has presented some of the best competitors and master performers in the past 15 years. The members of the Shaolin Institute have participated and competed in hundreds of international and national martial arts championships. They have won over 200 national and international gold, silver and bronze medals.   They have performed over thousands of shows to over 200,000 audience world wide for the period of 10 years alone.  It is not only the institute’s goal to inspire and promote the martial arts disciplines but also the East & West cultural education, natural healing, health and wellness around the globe.

For more information call 770-286-9808 or 251-662-3225 or;  E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it